Easter eggs

Decorated eggs: not so mini eggs!

As Easter approaches and chocolate eggs are everywhere, I thought I’d try my hand at making my own decorated eggs.
I bought some pearlescent paint a few weeks ago and have been itching to use it, so this provided the perfect opportunity!

In order to make these you can either hardboil the eggs or empty them. Whilst hardboiling the eggs is the easier method, they won’t last nearly as long. So only do this if you’re worried about them being too fragile and don’t want to have these around more than a couple of days (they’ll start to smell!).
The alternative method to creat a base for your decorated eggs is to drain the contents. This is trickier but there are plenty of good tutorials on the internet. The one I used is here .


Technical technicaltechnical_________ The hardest part is not breaking the eggs
Creativity creativity Go to town with embellishments and designs!
Time timetime A few hours – mainly waiting for paint to dry
Cost cost A dozen eggs and whatever paint you have will do.

You’ll need:

Eggs, paint and if emptying the eggs: drawing pins, straws, bowl of water.


Gold pens, pearlescent paint.

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Book rose

Literary paper flowers – upcycling your spare books!

These beautiful literary paper flowers are a twist on my usual fare and are a great way to recycle any old books you many have lying around into something new and fresh! If you’re at all sensitive about people marking or tearing pages out of books then I suggest you navigate away from this post now! My standard paper flowers which are included in the photos are made with pearlised paper, but I love the effect of using pages from a favourite book. These can also be accented with colour – from paint or pens – to add a little something.

These are especially effective when mixed with other flowers of bright colours. The main instructions here are the same whether crafting from normal paper or the pages of a book.

These make a great gift or thank you present – note that they won’t need watering and will never wilt!

Paper flowers bouquet
Check out these book paper roses mixed in with bright pink flowers



Technical technicaltechnical_________ Can be a little fiddly – be careful with hot glue
Creativity creativity Be creative with the colours and the flower shapes!
Time timetime A day will get you a finished bouquet – once you get into the rhythm a flower takes  ~30 mins
Cost cost Paper and glu gun refills are the main outlay! Less than £10

You’ll need:

A craft knife, a book, a glue gun, floral wire, green paper, scissors.


Paint, pearlescent paper

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The Letterpress Craft Cabinet: Storage solutions

Overview: My Craft cabinet

This post is a little different – it’s not going to be a step by step how to, as building my beautiful craft cabinet took months and it’s not something for the faint hearted! It was a labour of love however, and everytime I put something away in it or pull something out I get a little hit of joy.

So instead I’m just going to introduce you all to it!
Say hello!:

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Glitter Borders – Frame your message with these!

These glitter frames are super simple and much less messy than the glitter-glue experiments you may have done in school!
They make use of my essential craft item: double sided sticky tape.
I used them to make award certificates at work but they would also make a great frame for cards or an invite.
What about using this to frame an inspirational quote?
This tutorial includes an animation of the process so you can see how simple they are!


Technical technical Very simple sticking
Creativity creativity What you do with the frames afterwards is where you get creative
Time time 10 minutes
Cost cost Basic craft items are all you need

You’ll need:

Paper flower bauble

DIY Christmas baubles

These DIY Christmas baubles are so simple to make, and a really nice way to customise your Christmas tree!

Even after Christmas these would make a nice feature heaped in a bowl or hanging off a non-festive ornament.


Technical technical Nothing to it really – simple assembly is all.
Creativity creativitycreativitycreativity______________ The world is your bauble! Anything goes as long as it fits in the sphere
Time time  Each one takes less than a minute to put together
Cost cost cost Empty baubles can be bought for around 60p each in packs of 10-12.
24 decorations would be ~£10.

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Personalised Felt Advent Calendar


This is a project I did a few years back  after looking for an interesting advent calendar and not finding anything to my liking: indeed this is how most of my DIY attempts come about! In this case I had an idea for a re-usable advent calendar which could be filled with chocolates each year. After some initial designs I settled on a nice Christmas tree design make out of felt since I didn’t have a sewing machine. To make this more advanced it could be made from something more durable – e.g. cotton – with embroidery on the pockets.

Also with this calendar you can adjust the contents to fit your audience: e.g. specific sweets they enjoy or if they don’t have a sweet tooth what about lego or another small gift?

The steps include tracing it all out in paper/cardboard first – whilst this does add more steps and time to the process I highly recommend it. The worst thing to do is cut a piece  and realise you’ve made to too small to use.


Technical technical Cutting and a basic running stitch is all you need
Creativity creativity The pockets are your chance to personalise this; though you can default to numbers!
Time timetimetime  Can be done in a weekend
Cost cost Ingredients can be bought for <£10

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