DIY Christmas baubles

These DIY Christmas baubles are so simple to make, and a really nice way to customise your Christmas tree!

Even after Christmas these would make a nice feature heaped in a bowl or hanging off a non-festive ornament.


Technical technical Nothing to it really – simple assembly is all.
Creativity creativitycreativitycreativity______________ The world is your bauble! Anything goes as long as it fits in the sphere
Time time  Each one takes less than a minute to put together
Cost cost cost Empty baubles can be bought for around 60p each in packs of 10-12.
24 decorations would be ~£10.

You’ll need:

    • Required: Clear plastic fillable baubles – check out amazon and other craft places; ribbon; double sided tape; normal tape;
    • Optional/choice: Something for inside! Ideas include: figurines, ribbons, tissue paper, feathers, lego, paper flowers, glitter


  1. Choose what you’d like to put into your bauble. If it’s a figurine or object you want to remain upright, then affix a little double sided tape on the underside of it and then firmly press into place in the bauble. This will hold it in place and stop it from rattling around.
  2. Close the bauble around the decoration and use a small piece of tape on the underside to hold the bauble closed securely
  3. Thread a ribbon through the top hole and tie in a loop at the top
  4. Hang on your tree and admire your handiwork!


Top tip: These Christmas baubles can be changed and reused year after year: by opting for tape over glue, you can simply remove your chosen filling after Christmas, store these away and repeat for next year. Used year after year this probably is the cheapest decoration! See also http://pinecone

For inspiration check out these:

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