Glitter Borders – Frame your message with these!

These glitter frames are super simple and much less messy than the glitter-glue experiments you may have done in school!
They make use of my essential craft item: double sided sticky tape.
I used them to make award certificates at work but they would also make a great frame for cards or an invite.
What about using this to frame an inspirational quote?
This tutorial includes an animation of the process so you can see how simple they are!


Technical technical Very simple sticking
Creativity creativity What you do with the frames afterwards is where you get creative
Time time 10 minutes
Cost cost Basic craft items are all you need

You’ll need:

  • Required: Glitter, Card, Double-sided tape, PVA Glue, paintbrush



Applying the glitter:

  • Use the double sided tape to create a border around the edge of the piece of card. Ensure there are no gaps and the tape is as flush to the edge of the card as possible.
  • Remove the backing from the double sided tape.
  • Using your glitter of choice sprinkle a line on the tape as shown in the picture. You don’t need to fully cover the tape with glitter – the aim is to minimise excess and only have enough to cover the tape.
  • Using your finger spreads the line of glitter to cover the tape surface. If at this point there any gaps in the glitter and not enough to cover it then add a little more.
  • Lift the card and tap gently to remove the excess glitter (which can be scooped back up and reused). Use a clean dry paintbrush to brush away any further loose glitter.
  • Collect up all the loose glitter and return to its container.

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