The Letterpress Craft Cabinet: Storage solutions

Full finished cabinet

Overview: My Craft cabinet

This post is a little different – it’s not going to be a step by step how to, as building my beautiful craft cabinet took months and it’s not something for the faint hearted! It was a labour of love however, and everytime I put something away in it or pull something out I get a little hit of joy.

So instead I’m just going to introduce you all to it!
Say hello!:


This whole project was inspired by my aunt’s coffee table, which was created from two large letterpress drawers – my uncle having worked for a newspaper. She filled each section with a trinket or found treasure so that they could be kept on display. I wanted that for the top of my cabinet. The remainder I wanted to be able to store myriad papers, beads, buttons, stamps, inks – anything and everything crafty as long as it wasn’t more than 2 inches in height. I’d seen original letterpress cabinets but they were

  1. Waaaaaaay too expensive (and almost all in America and impossible to ship)
  2. Missing that display aspect that I so loved in my aunt’s table

Construction of the craft cabinet

This cabinet was constructed from 18 letterpress drawers sourced online and in person. The drawers were in varying states when I got them (and therefore at varying prices).
Some still had all their partitions intact and supports on, whilst some were shells that needed significant reinforcement.
I cleaned them all out (most had been lying in a very dusty garage and were filthy) and removed the paper lining that a lot of them had. This was probably the most labour intensive part of the whole thing!
I then set about building a frame for them. To note, I had never, ever built anything remotely as elaborate at this – I’ve only ever done flat packed furniture elsewise!


After the initial planning was complete I purchased a lot of wood and spent many evenings sawing all the pieces to create the frame. This was all done in my bedroom at home! Once satisfied I glued and nailed it all in stages and then stained and varnished the entire thing. I custom ordered the Perspex top to size and the handles I found after much online scouring. Removing the previously rusted on handles was no mean feat.

Initially I purchased a sheet of hardboard to cover up the back and sides to fully enclose the cabinet, but I quite liked the openness of the cabinet when I first put the drawers in so I cancelled that stage. I am still trying to find a use for the 5 metres of hardboard stored in my parents house…


I honestly don’t know where I would store all the small bits and bobs I’ve acquired over the last few years of more intense crafting! What do you think : how do you all manage to keep your trinkets orderly? Do you have them all in boxes or use a specific storage system? Let me know!
I leave you with some gratuitous craft cabinet shots, because I never tire of rifling through these drawers.

The washi tape drawer!

Japenese paper and envelopes

Cabinet with origami paper drawer open

Stamp drawer

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