Literary paper flowers – upcycling your spare books!

Literally a literally paper flower!

These beautiful literary paper flowers are a twist on my usual fare and are a great way to recycle any old books you many have lying around into something new and fresh! If you’re at all sensitive about people marking or tearing pages out of books then I suggest you navigate away from this post now! My standard paper flowers which are included in the photos are made with pearlised paper, but I love the effect of using pages from a favourite book. These can also be accented with colour – from paint or pens – to add a little something.

These are especially effective when mixed with other flowers of bright colours. The main instructions here are the same whether crafting from normal paper or the pages of a book.

These make a great gift or thank you present – note that they won’t need watering and will never wilt!

Paper flowers bouquet
Check out these book paper roses mixed in with bright pink flowers



Technical technicaltechnical_________ Can be a little fiddly – be careful with hot glue
Creativity creativity Be creative with the colours and the flower shapes!
Time timetime A day will get you a finished bouquet – once you get into the rhythm a flower takes  ~30 mins
Cost cost Paper and glu gun refills are the main outlay! Less than £10

You’ll need:

A craft knife, a book, a glue gun, floral wire, green paper, scissors.


Paint, pearlescent paper

Paper flowers: Instructions:

  1. Start by cutting out pages from the chosen book. A craft knife allows you to get as close to the binding as possible to give you most paper to work with.
  2. Chose the shape of your flowers – a simple rose can be made with varying sizes of a 5 or 6 petal flower. These can be cut out by hand with scissors (fold into 6 and cut one petal to get these symmetric) or with a machine. I used my silhouette cameo to do the job. If you want to add colour/tint/glitter at this stage then do so and allow to fully dry (as in go away and come back tomorrow).
  3. Cut small star shapes out of the green paper for the base of the flower.
  4.  Arrange the layers for each flower from smallest to largest. Curl each flower.
  5. Take the smallest flower and glue into a bud
  6. Take the largest flower and one green star and pierce in the centre. Thread the green piece onto the end of a piece of floral wire and add some glue. Add the largest flower and bend the end of the wire over 90 degrees. Fix with glue and attach the second largest flower over.
  7. Add each layer one by one, making sure to rotate the petals with each layer and gently curling in the petals more and more with each layer.
  8. Glue in the final bud and squeeze the flower to give the final shape.
  9. If desired apply extra pearlescent/metallic/coloured paint to the final flower.

See below for more inspiration!

This bouquet is solely book paper flowers without anything else – simple and elegant
This bouquet focuses on pale purples and lilacs to bring out the text on the flowers

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