Decorated eggs: not so mini eggs!

As Easter approaches and chocolate eggs are everywhere, I thought I’d try my hand at making my own decorated eggs.
I bought some pearlescent paint a few weeks ago and have been itching to use it, so this provided the perfect opportunity!

In order to make these you can either hardboil the eggs or empty them. Whilst hardboiling the eggs is the easier method, they won’t last nearly as long. So only do this if you’re worried about them being too fragile and don’t want to have these around more than a couple of days (they’ll start to smell!).
The alternative method to creat a base for your decorated eggs is to drain the contents. This is trickier but there are plenty of good tutorials on the internet. The one I used is here .


Technical technicaltechnical_________ The hardest part is not breaking the eggs
Creativity creativity Go to town with embellishments and designs!
Time timetime A few hours – mainly waiting for paint to dry
Cost cost A dozen eggs and whatever paint you have will do.

You’ll need:

Eggs, paint and if emptying the eggs: drawing pins, straws, bowl of water.


Gold pens, pearlescent paint.

Decorated Eggs: Instructions

    1. First decide whether to hardboil the eggs or empty them – if the latter follow the instructions
      • Tips:
      • Make sure eggs are completely cool and dry before proceeding to the next step
      • Keep the egg carton for painting the eggs later!
      • If you don’t like the holes created in emptying eggs then cover them using tissue and PVA glue to “papier mache” over the holes – this is what I did
      • Make sure to thoroughly rinse the eggs out – I fully submerged and emptied the eggs a few times which definitely worked (see below!)
      • String the eggs onto floral wire – makes it easier to submerge them and lift out of the water,
      • Don’t worry if you break one! If it only breaks into one or two pieces try glueing it back together using tissue along the joins. This happened to me and at least it demonstrated to me that the eggs were truly clean inside!
      Broken egg
      I dropped an egg – but look how clean inside!

      Patched up egg
      All better – the bandaged egg









  1. Once your eggs are done, decide what design you’d like to do. I went for a “larger than life mini eggs” look – pastel colours with gold flecks.
  2. For these, I painted the eggs with acrylic paints – mixing pearlescent white paint with plain colours to achieve the right shade. It might take a few coats to completely cover the natural egg colour.
  3. Paint the eggs one half at a time and allow to dry – place in the egg carton to do so.
  4. Once the base paint coats are dry it’s time to decorate. I experimented using  gold pen to draw on ‘natural’ spots but alternatives include
    • Dots
    • Stripes
    • Crosses
    • Messages – Happy Easter etc

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