Paper flower bauble

DIY Christmas baubles

These DIY Christmas baubles are so simple to make, and a really nice way to customise your Christmas tree!

Even after Christmas these would make a nice feature heaped in a bowl or hanging off a non-festive ornament.


Technical technical Nothing to it really – simple assembly is all.
Creativity creativitycreativitycreativity______________ The world is your bauble! Anything goes as long as it fits in the sphere
Time time  Each one takes less than a minute to put together
Cost cost cost Empty baubles can be bought for around 60p each in packs of 10-12.
24 decorations would be ~£10.

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Personalised Felt Advent Calendar


This is a project I did a few years back  after looking for an interesting advent calendar and not finding anything to my liking: indeed this is how most of my DIY attempts come about! In this case I had an idea for a re-usable advent calendar which could be filled with chocolates each year. After some initial designs I settled on a nice Christmas tree design make out of felt since I didn’t have a sewing machine. To make this more advanced it could be made from something more durable – e.g. cotton – with embroidery on the pockets.

Also with this calendar you can adjust the contents to fit your audience: e.g. specific sweets they enjoy or if they don’t have a sweet tooth what about lego or another small gift?

The steps include tracing it all out in paper/cardboard first – whilst this does add more steps and time to the process I highly recommend it. The worst thing to do is cut a piece  and realise you’ve made to too small to use.


Technical technical Cutting and a basic running stitch is all you need
Creativity creativity The pockets are your chance to personalise this; though you can default to numbers!
Time timetimetime  Can be done in a weekend
Cost cost Ingredients can be bought for <£10

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