Welcome to the craft side


Welcome to The Craft Side!

What is this?

This site is dedicated to documenting : from the small handmade cards to the elaborate furniture and sculpture.

This is an attempt for me to document my latest and greatest craft exploits; from the small 1 hour tasks to the month-spanning projects (I’m looking at you trees).
These are usually paper or fabric based, though some of my larger projects have included woodwork.

In doing so I hope to make a permanent note of the things I’ve made for my own benefit, and hopefully inspire some others to have a go at personalising something of their own. If this is your first introduction to DIY/crafting then fear not – there will be a lot of detailed steps in each project! These are details how-toss paired with photos of each stage.

Why do you do it?

Why have something that looks like everyone else’s?

Crafting is an outlet for all my creative energies. I have always enjoyed making and decorative things. However once I left behind my student days I found I was devoting much less time to this passion of mine.
I don’t have a creative job and so I funnel all these energies into making things for any excuse: birthday gifts, party decorations, general household uses.

Plus, I have collected a lot of papers, trinkets and washi tapes on previous trips to Japan…I need to use them in order to justify going back and getting more!
Anything for another trip to Tokyu Hands.

Okay, where do I begin?

Before you pick up that pen/paintbrush/needle/spraycan . I suggest you check out the explanation of my scorecard and some tools & tips you might need.

I have more questions..

Feel free to email me via the contact page and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.