Crafting Tools & Tips of the trade

Here are some of the key crafting tools which I find invaluable in and how to get the most out of them.
These are neither necessary nor sufficient to craft – having a pencil, scissors and paper is all you really need!
However having these items can allow you to make more intricate and exciting projects and also elevate your crafts to another level.

Crafting Tools

Small Items

    • Double sided Tape

      I use this everyday. I will rarely use glue and instead opt for this: it’s exact, easy to apply and won’t wrinkle your paper.

    • Wrapping paper/ Brown paper

      As well as wrapping gifts I find wrapping paper comes in very useful for covering items, cutting decorative pieces out and general background cover. Also it’s often cheaper than buying individual sheets of nice patterned paper. I try to keep an eye out for metallic of glittery paper – Tiger is especially good for these

    • Stamps

      By this I mean rubber stamps (and the ink to go with them!)

    • Punches

      These can be useful for quickly transforming something standard into professional – my favourites are corner rounders and borders.

Larger Items

These are more of an investment piece if you’re going to get serious about this craft!

  • Silhouette Cameo/Portrait

    I have a hard time describing this to people who don’t craft! Think of this as a paper cutter/2D printer. If you can think it up, it can cut it out – in foil, paper, card and thin plastic. There are several over brands out there – Cricut and Brother come to mind but I did a little research and the Silhouette Cameo fitted my needs and budget. With this I can whip up small projects in under an hour, such as a quick birthday card, box, or these medals. This, was the single biggest outlay for my crafting but given the amount of things I have produced with it I feel it was entirely justified. Every single save the date, wedding invite, favour box and not to mention 3600 leaves were cut out by this baby.

  • Xyron Sticker Maker

    A new addition to the craft family, I bought one of these to handle the more intricate cut outs from the silhouette where double sided tape is too bulky but I still don’t want to use glue. An extravagance yes, but I’m already pretty pleased with the results it has produced thus far.

  • Guillotine

    Trimming paper multiple sheets at a timeĀ is so much easier with this than scissors

  • Lamp

    A good natural daylight lamp is super useful for when the nights draw in but you still want to be able to judge your handicrafts in natural light.

  • Craft cabinet/storage:

    Full finished cabinet A place to store all your bits and bots that you will inevitably accumulate if you get into this. I couldn’t find anything I liked so, you guessed it, I built my own! Checkout the story and details here.