Introducing the craft scorecard


The Scorecard

This post explains what my craft ‘scorecard’ is: Each project comes with one which rates how difficult the project is to complete.
The instructions I give are step by step, and can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, more often then not it’s a very simple process. The scoreboard is an easy way for you to judge whether a project is within a difficulty range before you begin.

On a scale of 1-5 it outlines the

  • technical icon in scorecard Technical skills required to finish the item
  • Creativity icon in scorecard  Creativity – how much do you need to personalise and design yourself vs following specific instructions.
  • Time icon in scorecard Time – how long does the whole thing take?
  • Cost icon in scorecard Cost – how much does it cost for the raw materials (based on UK availability)?

In this way I hope it surmises the key facts about the project and allows you to make an informed decision. Still unsure about something? Feel free to ask in the comments!

How does this work in practice?
Take this example: a project to embroider initials onto a cushion. An additional stretch would be to add a small design alongside the initials.

The scorecard for this might look as follows

Scorecard: Embroidery Example

Technical technical technical Medium on technical skills : a few basic stiches are all you need, but practice helps to make it neater.
Creativity creativitycreativity Medium  on creativity :  depends on whether you are using a patch or stitching from scratch
Time timetimetimetime High on time: if embroidering a large section from scratch.
Cost cost Low on cost : thread and cloth can be found relatively cheaply

Most of my projects are actually quite low on technical skills – I can’t knit, crochet or stich anything elaborate so most will leverage only basic skills! What they lack in technical ability they often make up for in creativity and time however!

How about trying these out:

  • Low on cost: Stamp birthday cards – using a single (well chosen stamp) and scraps of paper
  • Low on time: Resin magnets – turn Instagram photos into permanent keepsakes
  • Low on technical skills: Christmas baubles – create Christmas tree decorations on any theme you desire
  • Low on creativity: Advent calendar – follow the step by step instructions and designs to create your very own refillable calendar.